05 November 2006

IDLI Batter

IDLI BATTER  இட்லி மாவு

Parboiled Rice (Puzhungal arisi) …         4 parts

Whole udad dal (vellai muzhu ulundu) … 1 part

Methi (venthayam)              ….      ….         1 tsp

thick poha  (aval)                       ….  20 gram (optional)

Salt                                                   ….  as needed

Clean and wash the rice. Drain water. In Chennai, you get “Idli arisi”, use it.

In a vessel, put this soaked rice, add sufficient water.

Clean and wash udad dal. Drain water.

In a second vessel, add this udad dal and sufficient water.

Add methi to udad.

[Add poha, to the rice ---- it is optional]

Soak the rice and udad for 4 – 5 hours. [udad may be soaked for less time say for 2 – 3 hours]

Drain the water. [The water drained from udad can be kept for later use]

Grind the udad+methi in the wet grinder, in two/three batches. Use the water kept earlier.

Keep it aside.

Grind the rice+poha in 3 or 4 batches.

Mix the rice batter and udad batter in a large vessel, add salt and mix again.

Leave the batter overnight (8 – 9 hours).

மாவு பொங்கும். பொங்கிய பிறகு உபயோகிக்கலாம்.

9 AM


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