06 December 2007


When we lived in Pudupalayam, Cuddalore in 1950s and 60s we used to rear a cow whose milk would be drawn daily in the early morning by a cow-man (?). This is the first and most important step for a degree coffee. PURE AND FRESH COW'S MILK.

Next, roast the coffee seeds for 2 days requirement (just for one day's requirement is still better). Roasting to be done on a wood-fire. Just like your Paatti did. Take the quantity of roasted seed for one-day use and grind it in a hand_grinder. Daily Morning. Do not store the coffee powder. You may remember this hand grinder which we used even up to 1972-75. This is the second step.

Take fresh water and boil it. In a brass filter (no other material please), put the needed freshly-ground coffee powder in the top half; let the decoction be collected in the bottom half. No CHICORY please, never use chicory powder. This is the third step.

When sufficient decoction is collected, boil the freshly obtained cow's milk. Do not add even a drop of water. Just milk. Fourth step.

Put the needed sugar in a brass dabhara, pour a little just-brewed decoction and then pour just-boiled milk. Mix. Final step for a degree Coffee !

None of us do this now. So why call anything as "DEGREE COFFEE" ?

06 Dec 2013


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