03 February 2018

வேப்பம்பூ ரசம்

வேப்பம்பூ  ரசம்

Tamarind 1 small lemon size
Salt To Taste
Rasam Powder 3 teaspoon
Hing ¼ teaspoon
Curry leaves Few
For Seasoning:
Ghee 1 teaspoon
Veppampoo(Neem flower) Few
Mustard Seeds 1 teaspoon
Red Chilli 1
 Soak the tamarind in water and extract the juice and keep it aside.
•In a pan, pour the tamarind water and add salt, rasam powder, hing and stir it well.

•Boil the above ingredients by keeping the flame in medium low till the raw smell of rasam powder goes off.

•In a separate pan, heat some ghee and add mustard seeds, when the mustard seeds begins to sputter, add broken red chilli and veppampoo (Neem flower) and fry until it turns brown color.

 •Add these fried ingredients to the boiling rasam and remove the rasam from the flame.

•                      Now the yummy Veppampoo Rasam(Neem flower Rasam) is ready             to serve with hot rice.

 Its always better to eat this Rasam after few minutes of cooking, so that the aroma of neem flower mix with rasam.

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