04 December 2017

உப்பு அப்பம்

(To make 50 pieces)
Arisi - 300 g
thuaram paruppu - 35 g
kadalai paruppu - 35 g
Ulundu - 35 g
(NOTE: The total of these three paruppus shall approximately be 1/3rd of the rice quantity)
Pachchai Milakai - 2
Inji, koththamalli, karuveppilai - a little each
Coconut, 1/2 moodi, cut into small pieces.
Cooking oil, 200 ml
(Optionally, you can add boiled green peas, carrot etc)

Soak the rice, paruppukal for 1 1/2 hours.
Drain water, and put in the mixie and grind to "dosai maavu" consistency.
Chop pachchai milakai, inji, koththamalli and add to this.
(Add the optional pattani, carrot pieces)
Add the coconut pieces.
Mix well.
Pour oil in  the APPA_KAL, and heat it on medium flame.
Once the oil is hot, add the maavu with a spoon / karandi.
When the maavu raises, turn it.
Remove when slightly brown.
Eat with any chutney.

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18 Feb 2010
1000 AM

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