13 December 2017

Karadaiyan Nonbu Adai


Rice Flour

Coconut  1/2 Moodi

Karamani (Lobia) --- 4 tbsp

Jaggery ---- 4 tbsp

Green Mirchi --- 2 medium

Kariveppilai --- a handful

Elakkai  ---- 4 or 5

Take a cupful of rice, roast it slightly over medium heat.

Once cool, soak it in water for 15 minutes.

Drain the water and spread the rice on a towel for drying.

Once dried, grind the rice in a mixie.

Sieve the rice flour and grind it again and sieve it again.


Soak the jaggery in a cup of water.

Boil the karamani (Lobia) in water for about 10 minutes.

Remove all impurities from the jaggery water.

Add the boiled karamani to the jaggery. Add the chopped coconut pieces.

Add half the rice flour slowly into water (lumps should not be formed).

Mix well, add elaichi.

Once dough is formed, turn the heat off.

Make small balls and with each ball make a small vadai called adai.

Steam cook these adais in an idli-making vessel.

Eat with fresh butter.

                      FOR SALTY VERSION.

Same as before, except you do not use jaggery; instead cut mirchi into small pieces and add to the rice flour.

Chop Kariveppelai into small pieces and add to the flour.

Follow the same method.


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