13 January 2018

Chole Bhature


    Maida :- 400 gm
    Oil :- 2 tbsp
    Curd :- 100 gm
    Baking Powder :- 2 tsp
    Soaked Chana :- 400 gm
    Onions (chopped) :- 4
    Garlic Flakes :- 2
    Ginger :- 1 root
    Garam masala :- 2 tsp
    Red Chili Powder :- 1/2 tsp
    Mango Powder :- 2 tsp
    Pepper :- 1 tsp
    Cinnamon Powder :- for frying
    Oil :- 2 tbsp
    Salt :- to taste


Prepare a mixture of maida, oil, curd and baking powder.
Add some water to the mixture and prepare dough.

Make a ginger garlic paste.
Heat some oil and fry onions until they turn golden brown.
Add all the spices, red chili powder, garam masala and cinnamon powder, salt and the prepared ginger garlic paste.
Fry the spices well.
Once the spices are blended together, add the chana and water to the mixture.
Cook the mixture on medium heat until the chana turns thick.
Add mango powder and pepper to the mixture.
Cook it for 5 more minutes and remove from the heat.
Your chole is ready.

Now, roll out thick and long puris from the prepared dough.
Fry the puris until each side turns golden yellow.
Serve the bhature with chole.


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